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We are your locally owned and operated swimming pool builder and service company located in Queen Creek Arizona, ready to give you the most enjoyment possible with your pool through our many service. Call us today and see what we can do for you!

Our locally owned and operated swimming pool company provides a variety of swimming pool services. We provide exceptional customer service at great prices. We handle everything from building your dream swimming pool to cleaning and repairing your current swimming pool. You want to relax when it comes to your pool, and we guarantee you won’t have to lift a finger since we will be handling all your swimming pool needs and wants. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Is your pool surface showing its age? Tiles are falling off? Plaster is peeling up? Cracks in your pebble tec? Or just don’t like that 90’s early 2000’s tile and rough surface? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re ready to give your pool a mini make over. We first come out to take measurements and detailed photos of the current state in which your pool sits. We discuss various options on the current market to turn your old outdated pool into a modern master piece. Estimates are then sent out, once approved a scheduled date and time is set for you and your loved ones to go down to our distribution center and pick that perfect tile, surface, stone, water feature, etc….

Brushing all walls & steps, Netting all debris, Emptying all baskets, Checking water chemistry, Adding appropriate chemicals, Equipment Checks Vacuum (when needed) Providing a detailed weekly report, Ensuring all gates and access points to the pool are shut & secured.

Cartridge & D.E. filters must be cleaned every 6 months unless your house resides on a horse property or is backed up to the desert area.

Green Pool Cleanups consist of draining the pool, washing the surface with a concentrated liquid solution, an in depth filter clean, filling the pool, proper chemical start up.

Acid washing consists of draining the pool, washing the surface with a concentrated acid solution, filling the pool, proper chemical start up.

If you have equipment that is starting to shows its age, making god awful noises, leaking, or constantly breaking. It’s time to upgrade, to a more energy efficient, piece of equipment and which comes with a manufacture warranty. We have partnered with Pentair to bring you the best equipment on the market at fair a reasonable price.

Tile cleaning is not what you hear everyone talking about. The old magic pumice stone or whatever chemical you can find under your kitchen sink. Those ways end up turning into very costly repairs later down the road. We start by draining your swimming pool, then using our state of the art media blasters, shooting a special type of material specific to your type of tile.

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Asked Questions

♢ How often does my pool need to be drained & washed?
Every 2-3 years

♢ How often should I clean my filters?
Every 6 months unless your residence is on a horse property or backed up to the desert

♢ Can I use a pumice stone to clean my tile?
No! You will end up taking the calcium line off but in the process end up scaring and scratching the tile beyond repair.

♢ Do you offer warranties?
Yes we offer manufacture warranties on all items purchased and installed by Tatum Pools

♢ Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
Yes we are!

♢ Do you offer Bi-weekly service?
No we don’t. To ensure your swimming pool stays perfect year round we need to come every week.

♢ Do you offer specials or discounts?
We run specials from time to time! We offer discounts to First Responders & Military (Active or Retired) Like and follow all Tatum Pools social media accounts to stay up to date! 

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