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Do you have equipment that is starting to shows its age, making god awful noises, leaking, or constantly breaking? It’s time to upgrade that is more energy efficient, and comes with a manufacture warranty. We have partnered with Pentair to bring you the best equipment on the market and a fair and reasonable price.

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Essential equipment for a swimming pool includes a pump for water circulation, a filtration system to remove debris, a heater for temperature control, a chlorinator for sanitization, and a cleaner to remove dirt. Other necessary equipment includes a pool cover, lighting, a test kit for water chemistry, a skimmer for surface debris, steps or ladders for access, a timer for automation, and covers with reels for storage. Equipment needs may vary based on pool size, location, and personal preferences.

Upgrading your pool equipment offers several benefits. It improves energy efficiency, leading to lower utility bills and long-term cost savings. Upgraded equipment enhances water quality by incorporating advanced filtration and sanitization systems. It also includes safety features like automatic shut-off switches and improved covers/fences. Upgraded equipment provides convenience and automation through remote control and monitoring. It ensures long-term reliability and often comes with extended warranties. Furthermore, eco-friendly options reduce environmental impact. Assessing your pool’s needs and consulting with professionals can help determine the best upgrades for you.

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